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When she came to his house for dinner, he had been oddly quiet. She had been dating him for a while, and found him to be fun, and pleasant, and gentlemanly. She had the most conflict with the gentlemanly part. She liked it, and she also was eager to see the ungentlemanly side of him, but it had not been forthcoming.

And he wasn't talking.

He took her coat to the closet, and took a box from it, as he was putting the coat in.

He looked at her fixedly, as he handed her the box, and said, "You know where the bathroom is."

She was puzzled for a moment, then, when it was clear he was not going to explain, walked to the bathroom, and took a look in the box.

There was a black dress, a very nice string of pearls, that looked to be antiques, and a note. It said, "wear this, and only this."

She thought for a second. This was quite the odd left turn from gentlemanly. She felt very funny about it. And she also began to feel wetness near her thighs.

It seemed strange, silly, and something no one in their right mind would do. And yet, she was taking her clothes off.

She put on the dress, which fit perfectly. She wondered how he knew her size. And the pearls, those had the feeling of being precious objects, not lightly given.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The dress felt very short, given that she had no panties, and the thought that, besides the nakedness, she would also be barefoot, well, that oddly seemed more alarming than that her pussy was feeling the fresh air.

But she also looked good. He had picked a dress that enhanced her prettiness, and the pearls put focus on her face and neck. She saw a glowing vision in the mirror, and she realized that she was fingering herself. She straightened the dress, and went into the room.

He had prepared a very elaborate meal for her, composed of many little plates of very tasty happy foods. Just a little of everything.

He was cheerful and as gentlemanly as ever, it seemed, but she was aware all the time that she was covered only by this somewhat revealing black dress, by his orders. Orders. It seemed unlike him, and it was arousing. She kept wondering what he would do.

Desert came. It was some very sweet truffles on an envelope. She ate them. And he became silent again.

She opened the envelope, and read, "stand up, and unzip."

She looked at the words for a while. She looked up, into his eyes, and there was a hardness there she had not seen before. A glimpse when he handed her the box. His face was as it always was, but there was more.

She stood, and unzipped the dress. Straps at the shoulder kept it on. She was waiting.

He walked toward her, then behind.

She didn't speak, nor did he.

His hand took a firm hold of her hair. Just to lift it off her neck, it seemed, but he held it. The hand that was not occupied touched her shoulder, and slid off one strap.

She closed her eyes. Hand on the second strap, and she felt the dress slide off her.

She was standing naked, his hand tightly holding her hair, not pulling hard, but firmly letting her know it was there.

Fingers found her nipple. He was behind her, reaching around, not relaxing the grip on her hair.

He was playing with her nipples very gently, at first, but as he progressed, he began to pinch and pull.

The hand that had been on her hair explored her ass, feeling, probing the area, then sliding further, to her pussy. She trembled.

She felt him put a note in her hand, and she was afraid to look. His hands were off her. She read the note. It just said "KNEEL", in large block letters.

She knelt. She closed her eyes again. She could hear the sound of him undressing behind her, then quiet.

She was surprised when he was in front of her, his very hard cock in her face.

She looked into his eyes. Hard again. He showed her a neatly lettered index card. "Suck It."

She lunged for his cock, and sucked it hungrily. He was holding a red and a green index card, she could see.

He pulled her head in, so that his cock went deep into her throat. She closed her eyes for a moment, taking its length. Then she could see him showing her the green card. "Good Girl", it said.

He took her chin firmly, and pulled his cock from her mouth. No card, just a hand on her neck, at the center of her shoulders, told her to bend forward. A hand guided her ass upward.

She was on all fours, and his hand was on her hair again. The sensation was distracting enough so that she didn't notice his cock until it was half way into her pussy.

He began to fuck her hard, pulling her hair just firmly enough to be irresistible, but not so hard as to really hurt.

She began to bend forward, flexing her elbows. She felt a hard slap on her ass. She straightened, then tried bending her elbows again. Again a hard slap.

"I'm going to cum", she said.

He said not a word, but pulled her into him with more force.

As she came, she could feel his semen squirting into her.

His hand pushed her onto the rug, and he pressed his weight onto her.

She seemed to doze for a moment, and then a very elaborate, beautiful envelope was in front of her, on a little red pillow. She opened it. The card inside was embossed, and the printing was in gold ink.

It just said, "Good Girl". That was all it needed to say.


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