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Water and Air

I am a creature of the sea. The water is my home, I in it, it in me. I am enveloped by it and I drink it in, nourished, filled with life, in happy union. I am a creature of the air. I fly above the blue water, sunlight bright on my skin. Bright dot against the sky. I dance, with you. I see you are a shining fish like me, come up from oceans different, yet much the same. We will each, in our time, seek sea's embrace again, then rise, and fly together, in the warm air.

On The Couch

Kids at a friends. I come home, and there you are, on the couch. Barefoot. Flannel shirt. Jeans. Drop my bag and I'm on you. Buttons fly everywhere. My hands all over. Reach in your pants. No panties! Rubbing your pussy. Faster. Don't cum yet. I push my cock in. Fucking until we can't move.

Big Back Seat

She wondered why he was renting the big car. He didn't like big cars. Big cars have big back seats. He drove to a quiet spot, no traffic around. And then she knew why he asked her to wear a dress. Into the big back seat, panties slid off, no one to see. Fucking her hard. Crickets all around. He squirts all his cum into her, then lies there while the crickets sing. Together, in the big back seat.

Reviewing Reviews

In days long ago, I used to do vibrator reviews. That might seem odd, me being a man and all, but I had a perspective: I wrote vibrator reviews from the perspective of a man who used vibrators to make ladies very, very, very, very happy. I wrote as someone who used them not on himself, but to, well, spread the love. And what I liked and disliked is different, in ways subtle and not subtle, from the likes and dislikes of those women with more direct experience of the vibrator itself. I saw things from a different angle, very literally an also figuratively. On a directly mechanical level, I can see what I am doing, and I have literal, physical angles available to me that are less available to women using them on themselves. This makes many things possible to me that are difficult for someone pleasing themselves. And, though I do not experience the feeling of the vibrator directly, as the woman in question does, that can be an advantage. I can draw out and delay climax in a way th

Cleaning Up

“So, you will require a cleaning once every two weeks, including the living room, dining room, kitchen, stairs, hallway and bathroom, correct?” “Yes”, he said, “that is what I would prefer.” “And my rate is OK with you?”, she asked. “Yes, but I would expect to pay more for the first cleaning because of the extra work involved”, he said. “I didn’t ask for that.” “I know, but it seemed fair to me.” She pondered this for a while. Waves of emotion seemed to capture her, and she seemed to be about to speak several times. Eventually, she did speak. “That is generous and speaks well of you”, she said, “but no such additional payment is required. I quote my rates on the back of my experience, and I get significant satisfaction from my work.” He smiled. It seemed that it was his turn to ponder. After a long moment, he said, “That interests me. What would you say is the source of your satisfaction? What is it about this work that you find satisfying?” She loo

Just stand there

"Just stand there", I said, and you did. I looked at you for a while, then stepped forward. "Arms up", I said, and you put them up. I pulled off your shirt, and began to squeeze your breasts. Playful bites on your neck. "Just stand there." Bra straps off your shoulders. Unhooked, the bra comes off. Sucking your nipples, and biting them. Kisses under your breasts. The room is dark. Only candles light it. My hand is rubbing your pussy through your jeans. "Just stand there." Jeans unzipped, and pulled down. "Left foot up." You do it, the boot, sock, and leg of the jeans are off. "Right foot up." You are only wearing panties. I rub you again. You are trembling. I can feel the wetness through the panties. I can smell your juices. "Just stand there." My hand is inside your panties, rubbing your clit, then fingers inside you. Panties on the floor. "Left foot up. Right foot." You are na

And other delights

She was kneeling. What is your desire, she said. She was nervous. She was supposed to be taking a conference call. She was running late. She was supposed to do the call with Bangalore in the late evening. She wasn't sure what time. Give me those panties, he said. She slid them off, a bit complex since she was kneeling. It's time for your conference call, he said. She was about to protest, but the look in his eye told him that he was not being conciliatory, he had something in mind. As she was dialing, he said, one moment. Go into the bathroom and take off the bra, then button your dress again. She did that, and he was in the kitchen, doing something. She dialed. Rajiv was there, and so were Mohan, Pushpendra and Sneha. More would arrive. They began to discuss the functional spec. He was back in the room. She could hear him but was thinking about wire frames, as she reclined on the bed. He was unbuttoning her shirt with one hand. He had a little tray with stuff on it, but she co

An Awakening

I am going to tell you a story because it is important. I will try to make it as brief as I possibly can. My marriage almost ended before it ended. I was married to Lily, whom those who remember this blog and this writer from ancient days will know. What had been a hopeful marriage had suffered through trauma and age and the indignity of the years. With two children and an increasingly demanding job, things found their way from bad to worse. This is such a common story that it is a stereotype, but what is not common is that my marriage experienced a renaissance after Lily took a trip to Colorado. This what happened. At that time, the sex had stopped, for all intents and purposes, completely. It almost never happened, and when it did it was clear to me that, for her, it was an unpleasant experience that she would prefer to avoid, and I did not have any interest in being that for her. When she was in Colorado, and a bit before, she had tried to rekindle things, but they