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And other delights

She was kneeling.

What is your desire, she said.

She was nervous. She was supposed to be taking a conference call.

She was running late. She was supposed to do the call with Bangalore in the late evening. She wasn't sure what time.

Give me those panties, he said.

She slid them off, a bit complex since she was kneeling.

It's time for your conference call, he said.

She was about to protest, but the look in his eye told him that he was not being conciliatory, he had something in mind.

As she was dialing, he said, one moment. Go into the bathroom and take off the bra, then button your dress again.

She did that, and he was in the kitchen, doing something.

She dialed. Rajiv was there, and so were Mohan, Pushpendra and Sneha. More would arrive.

They began to discuss the functional spec.

He was back in the room. She could hear him but was thinking about wire frames, as she reclined on the bed.

He was unbuttoning her shirt with one hand.

He had a little tray with stuff on it, but she couldn't see what it was.

His hand slid around her breast and brought it into the light of the room. He had something in his hand.

A squirt of Redi-Whip on her nipple.

Two breasts visible, each topped with whipped cream.

His hand was lifting her skirt, her sweet shaved pussy came into view.

He smiled and gave it a sweet covering.

Mohan was going through his 462 questions about the spec.

The tongue began to clean the whipped cream off her right nipple. Very thorough. He pinched it in his fingers as he cleaned the left nipple. Gentle bites as he sucked the cream, then harder.

He began to work on the larger area first by taking fingerfulls of cream from her pussy, pressing hard.

Then a thorough cleaning of her clit, and all around. Sweet, he said, sweet.

He slid a finger inside, and smiled as he licked her juices from it.

Pushpendra was asking about the database layer. Was mysql adequate

He was reaching into her, in no hurry, running his finger inside, and licking the juices.

He put a finger full into her mouth.

A slice of apple. He rubbed it onto her pussy, and fed himself a bite. He gave her a bite, too.

He licked her pussy clean again. He seemd very concerned with clenliness, because he was going over her clit again and again with his tongue, to make sure. More bites of apple, full of juices.

Sneha was very confused about the QA plan.

His cock was visible. Hard and erect. She was wet and he slid it into her. He was in no hurry. Each stroke took its time.

Mohan and Sneha were on a tangent about ajax. Don't ask any questions, she thought.

His cock kept stroking, very deliberately. It seemed like whenever he was near to coming, he would rest, then stroke again.

He was pinching her nipples and fucking her. Pushpendra was advocating XML blobs in the database.

He took a long stroke, and she could feel the cum squirting into her. He kept pushing, until h had pumped gallons of cum into her, it seemed.

She had closed her eyes earlier, trying to listen to Mohan explain something.

She could feel a slice of fruit, a finger, rubbing.

He got her to open her mouth. A slice of peach, covered in cum.

He fed her the whole peach that way.

She was trying to wrap the call up, when she felt the little vibrator.

Hurry, get them off the phone. More questions. She could feel the orgasm building inside.

Hurry. Mohan needed to schedule the next meeting. Get off the phone, she thought. Get off.

She got off.

The people in Bangalore just heard a little squeek and some background noise, but the orgasm rolled over her and she was pounding the bed.

She had hung up on them. Connections to India were always a bit flakey. She'd email them in the morning.

Right at the moment, she was hungry for some peach.


Fan Favorites

On The Couch

Kids at a friends. I come home, and there you are, on the couch. Barefoot. Flannel shirt. Jeans. Drop my bag and I'm on you. Buttons fly everywhere. My hands all over. Reach in your pants. No panties! Rubbing your pussy. Faster. Don't cum yet. I push my cock in. Fucking until we can't move.

Water and Air

I am a creature of the sea. The water is my home, I in it, it in me. I am enveloped by it and I drink it in, nourished, filled with life, in happy union. I am a creature of the air. I fly above the blue water, sunlight bright on my skin. Bright dot against the sky. I dance, with you. I see you are a shining fish like me, come up from oceans different, yet much the same. We will each, in our time, seek sea's embrace again, then rise, and fly together, in the warm air.


When she came to his house for dinner, he had been oddly quiet. She had been dating him for a while, and found him to be fun, and pleasant, and gentlemanly. She had the most conflict with the gentlemanly part. She liked it, and she also was eager to see the ungentlemanly side of him, but it had not been forthcoming. And he wasn't talking. He took her coat to the closet, and took a box from it, as he was putting the coat in. He looked at her fixedly, as he handed her the box, and said, "You know where the bathroom is." She was puzzled for a moment, then, when it was clear he was not going to explain, walked to the bathroom, and took a look in the box. There was a black dress, a very nice string of pearls, that looked to be antiques, and a note. It said, "wear this, and only this." She thought for a second. This was quite the odd left turn from gentlemanly. She felt very funny about it. And she also began to feel wetness near her thighs. It seemed