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When she came to his house for dinner, he had been oddly quiet. She had been dating him for a while, and found him to be fun, and pleasant, and gentlemanly. She had the most conflict with the gentlemanly part. She liked it, and she also was eager to see the ungentlemanly side of him, but it had not been forthcoming. And he wasn't talking. He took her coat to the closet, and took a box from it, as he was putting the coat in. He looked at her fixedly, as he handed her the box, and said, "You know where the bathroom is." She was puzzled for a moment, then, when it was clear he was not going to explain, walked to the bathroom, and took a look in the box. There was a black dress, a very nice string of pearls, that looked to be antiques, and a note. It said, "wear this, and only this." She thought for a second. This was quite the odd left turn from gentlemanly. She felt very funny about it. And she also began to feel wetness near her thighs. It seemed

The Trunk

"Maybe I could just look", she said. They had been talking. It had been supposed to be just a drink after work. Friends sitting and having a light conversation. Something they had done before more than once. But this time the conversation went somewhere that she was not expecting. And that is when he mentioned the trunk. She had known that he had had a rather rich sex life a few years ago, with a number of women, but he had never talked about what kind  of sex he was having. That evening he had told her the story of how he discovered his interest in BDSM, ropes and cuffs and floggers and candle wax and paddles and canes. And dominance, which seemed a very odd fit for the man she knew. But it also felt like it made sense. He had been talking about the different things that he had done, and she found herself feeling more interest than she would have liked to admit, and increasingly eager to hear more. "But these days", he had said, "I'm ju